Dive into Staking

The Marine Moguls Advantage
Marine Mogul prizes

Embark on a Rewarding Journey

Join us in the depths of the MetFi ocean and anchor your Marine Moguls NFTs in our staking program. With a treasure chest of 3,900 MOGUL tokens (39% of the total supply) set to be distributed over 13 cycles within a year, your voyage through the waves of digital finance is poised to be as rewarding as it is exciting.

Navigate Through the Cycles

Our journey is charted along the MetFi 4-week qualification cycle, with staking divided into 13 cycles over a year. Each cycle, 300 MOGUL tokens are distributed among stakers, promising a sea of rewards. Predicted to offer an impressive 260% APY (assuming 25% of tokens are staked), the bounty awaits those ready to dive in.

Chart Your Course

With Marine Moguls, staking is more than a commitment—it's a strategy to amplify your holdings and unlock exclusive benefits. Whether you're in for the long haul or navigating the cycles with precision, your engagement in our staking program is your passage to the deeper, richer waters of the MetFi ecosystem. Set sail with us, stake your NFT, and let the currents of compounding rewards and trading opportunities carry you to new financial depths.

Staking Essentials

Whole NFTs OnlyDive in with your complete NFTs to participate.
MOGUL RewardsEarn your share in MOGUL Tokens, adding value to your digital treasure chest.
Flexible TimingJoin mid-cycle and your staking journey will commence at the next cycle's dawn.
Cycle Timing for UnstakingFor effective unstaking, time your request before a cycle's start to receive tokens by its close. Partial unstaking is available.
Compounding TreasureRewards automatically compound, enhancing your bounty with each cycle.
Exclusive AccessStaking unlocks the door to the MetBot trading bot, guiding you to potentially lucrative trading horizons.