MetFi Treasury Claims

Your Gateway to Exclusive $MOGUL Rewards

Dive into the treasury of opportunities with the MetFi Treasury Claims, a cornerstone feature for our dedicated MetFi community. This unique mechanism is your passage to claiming exclusive $MOGUL tokens, enriching your digital asset portfolio with the power of 3,000 $MOGUL tokens earmarked for allocation.

Claiming Your Treasure

Availability: A treasure chest of 3,000 $MOGUL tokens awaits, accessible through our dApp and potentially other platforms.

Fixed Exchange Rate: Unlock $MOGUL tokens at a fixed rate, utilizing your staked METFI for the exchange.

Snapshot and Allocation: Between May 17th and 20th, a snapshot will assess your staked tokens, considering NFT levels for additional allocation benefits. This ensures a fair distribution, rewarding your commitment and level of engagement.

Commit to Claim: Starting May 21st, you have two days to secure your claim. Afterwards, unclaimed $MOGUL becomes available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a one MOGUL per transaction limit to maintain fairness.

Enhancing Your Journey

Staking your NFT not only solidifies your standing within the MetFi realm but also entitles you to a part of the treasury. With each level of NFT you possess, from Shrimp to the majestic Humpback, your potential claim increases by 10%, enriching your voyage with every cycle.

Burning for Balance

The METFI tokens exchanged will be recycled and a part honorably retired, reducing overall supply, while you welcome $MOGUL tokens or other treasury assets into your collection. This act of exchange and burn is designed to foster a balanced ecosystem, supporting the METFI token's value and ensuring a prosperous community.

Claim, Convert, Celebrate

On May 25th, alongside the token launch, your commitments turn into tangible rewards. Visit the claim page, engage with a simple click, and welcome $MOGUL tokens into your wallet. This process not only rewards you but also invites you to partake in the ongoing evolution and success of the MetFi ecosystem.

A Win-Win Deployment

This innovative treasury claims module offers a strategic advantage, allowing you to diversify your portfolio while supporting the METFI economy. It's a testament to our belief in mutual growth, shared success, and the enduring value of the MetFi community's collective journey.

Join us in this unique opportunity, where staking and claiming go hand in hand with community strength and token stability. Your participation not only enhances your digital asset collection but also contributes to the vibrant ecosystem we're building together in MetFi.