Navigating the Depths of Merging

the Path to Mythic Marine Moguls

Unlock the ultimate evolution of your Marine Moguls NFTs through our exclusive merging mechanism. Reserved for the elite top 600 NFTs by rarity, this process allows you to blend one of these prestigious NFTs with any Epic tier NFT, elevating it to new heights of rarity and potential.

Merge and Transform

  • Available only for top 600 NFTs.
  • Merge with any Epic tier NFT.
  • Choose which NFT to upgrade and which to sacrifice.
  • The selected NFT ascends to a higher tier; the other is permanently removed from circulation along with one MOGUL token.
  • Merging is the only path to Legendary and Mythic tiers, unlocking greater rewards.

Marketplace Link: If you're missing an Epic NFT for merging, we'll guide you to our marketplace to complete your collection.

Fees and Rewards: A merging fee of 10 METFI applies, enhancing your NFT's value and rarity, ensuring that your collection is as boundless as the ocean depths.