Craft Your Path to Rarity and Riches

with Marine Moguls

Welcome to the crafting realm of Marine Moguls, where your digital treasures evolve into something even more magnificent. Here, the depths of creativity meet the pinnacle of strategy, enabling MetFi community members to upgrade their NFTs to dazzling new heights of rarity and unlock hidden prizes.

How Crafting Works

  • Begin your journey with a Plankton character, the foundation of all Marine Moguls NFTs.
  • Members holding "Rare" tier (top 5000 NFTs) or higher Marine Moguls can elevate their NFT to match the character of their MetFi NFT.
  • A crafting fee of 10 METFI applies, utilizing your staked METFI.
  • Crafted NFTs maintain their upgraded status across wallets without reverting to Plankton.

Unlock the Potential

Only the elite 50% of Marine Moguls, based on rarity score, are eligible for crafting. Discovering an NFT with a prize attached? Upcrafting might be your key to claiming it. Or, sell it on the marketplace for a higher value, sharing the wealth. Imagine stumbling upon the NFT with a 100,000 USDT cash prize...