Unlock the Power of MetBot

Your Trading Ally

MetBot is an innovative trading bot under development by MetFi, designed to revolutionize trading strategies for our community. Unlike traditional bots that operate in secrecy, MetBot stands out with its commitment to full transparency, revealing every trade it makes. It's crafted to share profits directly with the community, through trading profits, commissions, or bolstering the treasury.

As a high-frequency trading bot focusing on the BTC-USDT pair, MetBot aims for high APY returns, adapting to market cycles with agility. Operational on Centralized Exchanges or Brokerages due to transaction fees and slippage, it balances transparency and centralization to ensure profitability and trust.

Strategic Trading with MetBot

Currently, MetBot executes a single strategy on the BTC-USDT pair, meticulously designed to optimize returns. Access to MetBot's capabilities requires staking at least one Mogul NFT, ensuring that benefits are exclusively available to committed members of the MetFi community.

Join us in this venture to redefine trading efficiency and community profit-sharing with MetBot, where innovation meets integrity in the digital finance landscape.