Marine Moguls Prelaunch

A Voyage of Community Triumph
Marine Mogul Shark

Dive Deep with Us

Marine Moguls isn't just an NFT project; it's a revolution in the digital deep, crafted by and for the MetFi community. With no whales (except for the ones on the NFTs), VCs, or angel investors in sight, every one of the 10,000 unique NFTs sails directly into the hands of our community members. From the ocean's depths, we bring you an opportunity to be part of something truly communal and rewarding.

Chart Your Course
Key Dates to Remember

Airdrop Launch March 4th, 2024
Airdrop End May 21st, 2024
Airdrop Launch March 4th, 2024
Airdrop End May 21st, 2024
Grand Distribution and Launch The voyage begins on
May 25th, 2024

Your Treasure Map
NFT and Token Details

Token Type


(ERC-721 NFTs bound to ERC-20 Tokens)
launched on BSC.


10,000 unique NFTs

paired with

10,000 $MOGUL tokens


3,000 $MOGUL tokens, a sea of wealth valued at ~3 million USDT.
MetFi Claims
Another 3,000 $MOGUL tokens up for grabs.
Staking Rewards
Earn your share of 3,900 $MOGUL with a lucrative APY (Estimated 260% APY).
Liquidity Bootstrap
100 $MOGUL + 50,000 METFI to ensure smooth trading seas from day one.
Marine Mogul vault

A 3 million Treasure Hunt

Dive into the depths with Marine Moguls, where a quarter of our 10,000 NFTs harbor hidden treasures, blending the thrill of discovery with the excitement of winning. These randomly distributed prizes are intricately linked to the rarity of the NFTs, ensuring that from the mythical depths to the common waves, every explorer has a chance to uncover something extraordinary. The bounty includes everything from a grand prize of 100,000 USDT for Mythic holders to 1000 times 10 USDT and 10 METFI rewards for the uncommon adventurers, totaling a treasure chest worth approximately 2.9 million USDT. With 2,500 NFTs holding these additional rewards, your voyage through the Marine Moguls universe is not just an exploration of digital art but a quest for real-world riches. Embark on this journey where your NFT isn't just a token of ownership, but a key to unlocking wealth and wonders beneath the digital sea.

HF Trading like a Mogul

Unlock the power of high-frequency trading with your Marine Mogul NFT. By staking your unique piece of the digital ocean, you gain exclusive access to MetBot, our advanced trading bot designed for the MetFi community. MetBot leverages sophisticated algorithms to navigate the volatile crypto markets, aiming to maximize returns on your investments. This privilege is reserved for those who venture into the depths with us, ensuring that our NFT holders not only possess a piece of art but also hold the key to potential financial growth. Embark on this journey, stake your Marine Mogul, and let MetBot unveil the treasures hidden within the waves of digital finance.

Join the Crew

This is your call to adventure. The Marine Moguls prelaunch is your gateway to not just owning a piece of art but becoming part of a movement set to reshape the MetFi community's horizon. With exclusive access through airdrops, claims, and staking rewards, your journey with us is laden with potential treasures and uncharted financial waters to explore.

Set Sail on Your Adventure

Don't miss the wave. Secure your spot in our airdrop campaign and let the winds of fortune guide you.

Join the Airdrop

Dive deeper into the MetFi claims and uncover the riches that await within.

Explore Treasury Claims

Embark on this voyage with Marine Moguls, where every NFT is not just a token but a testament to the power of community and the new realms we can explore together.