Discover the Depths of Marine Moguls NFT Collection

Marine Mogul Shark

A Vast Sea of Unique NFTs

Embark on an extraordinary digital adventure with the Marine Moguls NFT collection, where 10,000 unique tokens await beneath the waves. Crafted on the ERC404 standard and hosted on the BSC network, this collection offers a unique blend of digital art and functional utility.

Treasure Beyond Measure

NFT Supply:10,000 Unique Marine Mogul NFTs
$MOGUL Token Supply:Each NFT is matched with a token, providing possible fractional ownership and guaranteeing instant liquidity.
Rarity Unleashed:
Uncommon50% of supply5000 NFTs
Rare 34% of supply3400 NFTs
Epic 10% of supply1000 NFTs
Legendary 5% of supply500 NFTs
Mythic 1% of supply100 NFTs

Crafting - Evolving Beauty

From Plankton to Humpback, every NFT begins its journey at the ocean's floor, with potential to rise through the ranks, mirroring the growth and transformation inherent to both marine life and the blockchain.

MetFi Members have the option to craft Marine Moguls to match their MetFi NFT level, upping their rarity, raising their value, and unlocking prizes.

Unlock even bigger treasures by combining two NFTs into one, creating a Legendary or Mythic masterpiece. This special fusion not only makes your collection more exclusive but also reduces the overall number of NFTs out there, making yours even rarer and more valuable!

Crafting condenses the essence of 63,000 unique NFTs into a mere 10,000 exclusive slots, empowering you to unlock and amplify their value.

Staking – HODL & EARN

Maximize the value of your NFTs by staking them and watch your tokens grow (expected rewards around 260% APY). This isn't just about earning more; it's a crucial step to access the full suite of benefits offered by the MetBot. By choosing to stake, you're not only enhancing your own portfolio but also actively participating in the ecosystem, ensuring you get the most out of your NFTs and unlocking exclusive advantages that come with being a part of this innovative venture.


A quarter of all the NFTs come with additional prizes attached it. The prizes are randomly distributed but bound to rarity tiers.

List of Additional Prizes

PrizeMin. Rarity Required
1x100,000 USDTMythic
1x50,000 USDTLegendary
1x10,000 USDTLegendary
1x5,000 USDTEpic
15x1,000 USDTRare
123x500 USDTUncommon
1000x10 USDTUncommon
1x20,000 METFILegendary
1x10,000 METFILegendary
10x1,000 METFIRare
100x500 METFIUncommon
1000x10 METFIUncommon
123xMatching Bonus PowerupEpic
123xUnstaked PowerupEpic
Marine Mogul Shark

Total NFTs with prizes = 2500 (25%)

Total prize value = ~2.9 million USDT

Understanding Rarity in Our NFT World

Every NFT in our collection is unique, adorned with 6 random traits that determine its rarity based on their combination's likelihood. The rarer the combination, the higher the NFT's rarity rank, influencing its tier, potential prizes, and whether it can be crafted or merged into something even more exceptional.

Craftability is reserved for NFTs within the top 50% of our rarity scale. Meanwhile, only the elite 6% qualify for merging into Legendary status, and the crème de la crème 1% can transform into Mythic marvels.

At the heart of crafting is the "Character" trait. Initially, all NFTs begin their life as Plankton. But for those in the MetFi community holding a MetFi NFT of higher stature, there's the power to elevate your Marine Mogul from its humble Plankton beginnings to match your MetFi NFT's level. This transformation is permanent, maintaining its upgraded status through sales or remints, marking a true evolution in your NFT journey.


  • WTF is Crypto Paper boat Hat"The Absolute Beginner's Sail":For the individual who's just discovered the existence of cryptocurrency, navigating the vast ocean of digital finance without a compass or map.
  • Noob Baseball Hat"The Novice’s Cap":Worn by the newbie trader who hasn't yet learned to check the market cap, only baseball caps.
  • Paper bag with Eye holes"The Panic Seller’s Hood":For those who sold at the first sign of a dip, hoping anonymity saves them from their own trading decisions.
  • FOMO Viking Helmet"The FOMO Warrior’s Crown":Charging into battle on every hype train, they're ready to conquer or be conquered by the volatile seas of the market.
  • Rugg Me Balaclava"The Schemer's Mask":The chosen camouflage of the crypto villain, crafting scams from the shadows, their identity as hidden as their intentions.
  • Fedora with Fishing Lures"The Baited Optimist":Always fishing for the next big catch in the sea of coins, hoping their choice doesn’t end up being the one that got away.
  • Pirate Hat with a Light Bulb"The Enlightened Plunderer":Finally had a bright idea that led to a treasure trove, marking their first legendary trade.
  • Satellite Dish Hat"The Signal Seeker":With a direct link to the latest market trends and news, this trader prides themselves on always being ahead of the curve.
  • Crown of Corals and Digital Coins"The Cryptocurrency King":Reigning supreme, this mogul has mastered the art of trading, accumulating wealth that spans the digital ocean.


  • Cracked Safety Goggles"The Rookie's Blinders":For the trader who's just starting out, protected from reality by optimism... and oblivious to the cracks in their strategy.
  • 3D Movie Glasses"The Hype Viewer":Always watching markets in 3D, believing every pump is a blockbuster, and every dump is just intermission.
  • Swimming Goggles Filled with Tears"The Emotional Investor's Mask":For the trader who rides the waves of emotions, their investment strategy blurred by the tears of volatility.
  • Mismatched Sunglasses"The Confused Speculator’s Choice":One lens tinted bullish gold, the other bearish blue, perfectly encapsulating their indecision.
  • Monocle with a Dollar Sign"The Penny Stock Prophet":Convinced they can see the future in the smallest of markets, focusing on penny stocks with the hope of spotting a diamond in the rough.
  • Kaleidoscope Glasses"The Diversified Dreamer":Sees the market in a spectrum of opportunities, although sometimes too many colors make it hard to pick a lane.
  • VR Headset Stuck on Crypto Charts"The Virtual Value Hunter":Living in a virtual world of endless market analyses and digital wealth, sometimes forgetting to check back into reality.
  • Futuristic Smart Glasses"The Tech-Savvy Trader":Always a step ahead with the latest gadgets, their eyewear feeds live market data, ensuring they never miss a beat.
  • Night-Vision Goggles"The After-Hours Operator":For the trader who knows that the market never sleeps, these goggles represent the ability to spot opportunities in the darkest of times.
  • Diamond-Encrusted Spectacles"The Visionary Mogul":The pinnacle of trading success, their sight refined by the clarity of diamonds, symbolizing wealth accumulated through sharp insights and clearer vision than all their peers.


  • Twisted USB Cord"The Bootstrapper's Necklace":The quintessential accessory for the trader who's just starting out, symbolizing a connection to the crypto world that's as tangled as their investment strategy.
  • Rubber Chicken Tie"The Jokester's Knot":Worn by the trader who takes their losses with humor, hoping that laughter is the best investment in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.
  • Faux Pearl Necklace"The FOMO Fashionista":Draped around the neck of someone who buys at the peak and sells at the dip, allured by the shimmer of missed opportunities.
  • LED Ticker Scarf"The Flashy Speculator":For the trader who wants to wear their portfolio on their sleeve, or neck, flashing their wins and losses in bright lights for all to see.
  • Golden Bitcoin Medallion"The Midas Touch":The mark of a trader who's had one too many lucky breaks, convinced they're blessed with the golden touch in a market that's as fickle as the tide.
  • Shark Tooth Choker"The Predator's Grin":Symbolizing the trader who swims through market volatility with predatory precision, ready to bite at the first sign of gain.
  • Silk Crypto Chart Tie"The Analyst's Accolade":The choice of neckwear for the serious trader who studies patterns like ancient texts, their investments guided by the cryptic lines of market charts.
  • Diamond-Encrusted Ledger"The Security Savant":Worn by the ultra-cautious investor who not only secures their crypto but flaunts their wealth with an opulence that rivals their digital vault.
  • Platinum Chain with Custom NFT Pendant"The Digital Mogul's Mark":The ultimate status symbol for the trader who's not just playing the game but setting the rules, their neckwear as unique and coveted as their portfolio.
  • Holographic Tie of Infinite Coins"The Blockchain Baron":For the apex trader whose investments have transcended traditional wealth, this tie projects a hologram of ever-changing coins, symbolizing dominance over the digital and physical realm.


  • Patchwork Poncho"The Dabbler's Drape":The choice garb for those who spread their investments thin, covering a bit of everything but mastering none, hoping the market's chill doesn't seep through the patches.
  • Bubble Wrap Suit"The Risk-Averse Wrapper":Worn by the trader who's overly cautious, wrapping their assets in layers of protection, popping bubbles nervously with each market fluctuation.
  • Tie-Dye T-Shirt"The Altcoin Adventurer":The uniform of the eternally optimistic, diving into the latest altcoin trends with a splash of color, hoping one will paint their way to prosperity.
  • LED-Lit Vest"The Flash Crash Fashionista":For the trader who lights up the room with their portfolio's volatility, shining brightest when the market takes a dive.
  • Gold-Threaded Robe"The Mid-Level Mogul":Draped in success, this robe is for the trader who's hit their first big win, walking through the market with a golden glow but wary of threads unraveling.
  • Suit of Armor"The Battle-Tested Investor":For the seasoned trader who's survived countless dips and surges, their investments shielded by experience, ready for the next market skirmish.
  • Silk Suit with Cryptographic Patterns"The Strategy Savant":Tailored for the analytical mind, this suit is coded with success, each pattern a secret strategy woven into the fabric of their trades.
  • Diamond-Studded Jacket"The High Roller":The epitome of wealth and risk, worn by the trader whose daring moves dazzle as much as their attire, reflecting triumphs in each sparkling gem.
  • Hologram Haute Couture"The Crypto Connoisseur":For the pinnacle of trading elite, this garment isn't just worn; it's experienced, changing patterns with the market's mood, a fusion of fashion, technology, and wealth that transcends the blockchain.


  • Calculator with Only a "0" Button"The Zero-Sum Gamer":A nod to traders who see the market as a zero-sum game, humorously suggesting they're often left with nothing but zeros in their transactions.
  • Broken Compass"The Directionless Advisor":Mocks financial advisors who seem to offer guidance without having any real sense of direction, leading investments in circles rather than towards growth.
  • Golden Shovel"The Speculative Digger":Represents the gold rush mentality of both crypto enthusiasts and Wall Street speculators, always digging for the next big find but often just unearthing more speculation.
  • Magic 8-Ball"The Uncertain Analyst":Satirizes market analysts whose predictions are as reliable as a shake of a Magic 8-Ball, offering cryptic and often non-committal advice on future market movements.
  • Toy Cash Register"The Old-School Banker":A playful jab at traditional banking systems, suggesting they're outdated and simplistic compared to the complex and digital-first nature of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Paper Airplane Made from Stock Certificates"The Fledgling Investor":Symbolizes the traditional investor's attempts to navigate the digital age, throwing paper-based assets into the wind and hoping for a favorable flight path.
  • Hourglass with Glitching Sand"The Time-Sensitive Trader":Reflects the high-pressure, time-sensitive nature of trading, with a digital twist suggesting that in the crypto world, even time behaves unpredictably.
  • Blockchain-Linked Briefcase"The Secure Transporter":A high-tech briefcase for the modern trader, humorously over-secure for carrying digital assets that are, by nature, already secured by blockchain technology.
  • Golden Keyboard"The Crypto Deity":The ultimate symbol of a trader who has ascended to crypto godhood, where every keystroke on their golden keyboard turns to market gold, mocking the idea that some traders have the Midas touch.


  • Sunken Bank Vault"The Drowned Assets":An underwater scene of a sunken bank vault, doors ajar, with currency and gold coins floating aimlessly around, symbolizing the downfall of traditional banking in the face of digital currency's rise.
  • Coral Reef Stock Exchange"The Natural Market":A bustling coral reef that mimics the frenetic activity of a stock exchange, with fish darting back and forth between coral stands, representing different stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • Underwater Bitcoin Mine"The Cold Storage Cave":A deep-sea cave lit by bioluminescent creatures, with mining rigs set up around thermal vents, poking fun at the energy consumption of crypto mining by placing it in the most sustainable, cold environment imaginable.
  • Shipwrecked Wall Street"The Financial Ruins":The iconic Wall Street bull and bear statues, now covered in algae and surrounded by curious marine life, sitting amidst the wreckage of a sunken stock exchange building.
  • Blockchain Reef"The Secure Ecosystem":A vibrant scene of interconnected corals forming a complex, unbreakable chain, symbolizing the strength and security of blockchain technology amidst the ocean's vastness.
  • Torpedoed Silicon Valley Submarine"The Tech Incubator":A high-tech submarine patrolling a silicon-based coral landscape, representing the infiltration of tech giants into the financial sector, with schools of startup fish swimming around it.
  • Treasure Island ATM"The Liquid Assets":An underwater ATM beside a sunken pirate ship, dispensing gold coins and crypto wallets to a queue of marine creatures, mocking the idea of instant wealth in both old and new forms of treasure hunting.
  • Cryptocurrency Atlantis City"The Decentralized Metropolis":A sprawling coral city powered by renewable underwater currents, with neon signs of various cryptocurrencies illuminating its streets, portraying a utopian vision of a fully decentralized financial ecosystem.

Embark on this journey with us and chart your course through the unexplored territories of the Marine Moguls NFT collection, where the mysteries of the deep blue are matched only by the boundless opportunities of the blockchain.